Desert Island God.

I recently asked a number of friends a few basic questions about me that they should really know the answers to. (What is my eye colour- that sort of no brain question- greeny blue by the way)

Some of the answers were just RUBBISH. Most of my friends didn’t know my middle name- it’s James. Some didn’t know how old I am- I’m 27. Others thought it would be really funny to just make up answers.

Some of the answers were amusing in an accurate fashion. Nearly all of my friends thought it could be fun to be stranded on a desert island with me as long as we had (variously) Gin and Tonic, tents, monkey butlers etc. Clearly as long as I’m working as a host/hostess and there’s nibbles and some drinks our time on an island paradise will be bearable. I’ll be happy as long as I’m far away from Sue Lawley and her Desert Island Disc crowd. (She never has anyone interesting anyway. My island will just be the deliciously fabulous people. You all will have an invite to crash your planes on my island.) And I’d be fine as long as I didn’t realise I was on the same island as the Lost Crowd. Smokey monsters & time jumps are so last season. 😉

Others were just rubbish when I asked if they thought I believed in God or not. Most people might peg me as being someone who’d probably not want to hang around churches as they’re not reknowned for being places that are welcoming to the LGBT community. (Some are, some aren’t. They’re a bit like restaurants. Shop about for the one you like.)

The definitive answer was given by my friend Peterson and here when asked “Does Ben believe in God?” he said “Yes. He believes in God and he loves her work”. Sums me up well.

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