What to call me

If I could have a sound track for this particular post it’d be Debbie Harry singing “Call me”.

My childhood pet name was Benjamin Bunny. Due to the fact that when born I looked like a skinned rabbit.

I’m someone who it seems quite easy to give a nickname to. I’ve had several of the years. My current pet names are Beej (That’s from my initials Benjamin James.. B-J… Bee-jay… Beej) and Iggy.

Iggy is a bit more confusing to explain… First my boss, Stu Mathers (he’s an elected official at the Guild), called me Whitehouse for a while. Then he moved onto the idea of calling me other White Houses.. Pale Cottage, Casablanca, etc. Then he hit on Igloo which I said would last about five minutes; so he shortened it to Iggy. And it’s stuck.

And Benjaminbrum. It’s a slight shortening of Benjamin and Brum. Brum being where I live. And it also says I’m in Brum. Simple really.

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