Also from a very very old Greenbelt blog post and has been a little reworked.

The question of justice is a perplexing one. We’re born. We die. We object to major injustices- poverty, slavery etc but every day we allow little injustices. We allow inequality of genders; we allow homophobia to breed and walk by the homeless. In some spheres the rules of the game of life are unfairly weighted in one group’s favour- some would argue that politics are to blame. When politics goes wrong it has the potential to produce more than just bad government- it can be a living nightmare. (We’ve seen that proved throughout the 20th and the start of the 21st centuries)

It makes me angry that there are all kinds of injustices around the world. It’s easy to take a stand on an injustice if there’s no risk involved; no sacrifice. It’s easy to give a pound to someone who’s homeless but keep a few quid so you can buy a bagel and a coffee on the way home. My anger becomes energy; it’s a force for change. There are things for which an uncompromising stand is worth. These injustices motivate us to do something, to take risks, knowing if we don’t, things will remain the same.

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