On getting your message through

Just read on another blog a story of a boy called Josh.

Apparently when he was 11, Josh wrote an unsigned love letter to a boy he was nuts over. Josh tied it to a balloon and released it into the universe. It was a silly thing to do, he knew that. Still, it felt good, cleansing. Like a Sunday morning confession.

It was his adolescent way of expressing his feelings without the fear of anyone finding out. But a day later the balloon descended into the lake where the boy he liked, and his family had a summerhouse. The wind carrying his love note to its intended (or more precisely unintended) recipient.

To this day Josh (he’s now 50) believes that if you really want a message delivered, if you try hard enough, somehow it’ll find a way. Reach its destination.

It’s a nice story. Warmed my heart, made me think about when I was a teenager.

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