On being who you are

At the little big voice lectures Dan Germain from Innocent talked about writing.

He’s beardy genius.

He said that the best way to write well is to:

1) keep the main thing the main thing
2) stay consistent in what you’re saying
3) find a good spot in which to write
4) stay interesting
5) own a tone
6) write quickly
7) be yourself

When he showed the “keep the main thing the main thing” slide there was a picture of a picnic basket. “So what?” I thought. Kept looking at the picture, trying to work out what he was trying to tell us with this cryptic picture. There was a company name at the bottom, Longaberger. “Never heard of them” I then thought.

Dan asked us if we’d heard of Longaberger. Nope. None of us had.

He asked us to guess what they made. Picnic baskets was the guess.

And he explained that what we were looking at was the head offices.

The closer we looked at the picture the more we noticed that it was a huge office building. They scaled up the picnic basket dimensions by 160 times.

The longaberger building is now my favourite building in all the world. I want to go visit it. You can see pictures of it here. You’ll adore it too.

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