Love films, hate piracy

I bought a DVD on Saturday.
(It’s a thing I try to do an a regular basis)

There was a little note inside from the trading standards people and the anti-piracy people, fact.

The front says “Thank you for doing the right thing by buying this genuine DVD“.

Ok, fair enough, I think.

Turn it over and there’s a disk with the words “Immigration Crime” scrawled on it.

By rejecting DVD piracy you’re helping us tackle it“.

Hmmm, I think. Am I? I clearly need to read on.

You may remember the 21 Chinese illegal immigrants who tragically lost their lives whilst picking cockles in Morecambe Bay. Investigations by Lancashire Police lef to the houses of the men responsible for their deaths. They found over 4,000 counterfeit DVD’s and computers containing counterfeit material.
Lin Liang Ren and Lin Mu Yong were charged with 21 counts of manslaughter, perverting the course of justice, assistring and facilitating illegal immigration and manufacturing false work permits. They received a total of 23 years imprisonment between them

Now, this is where I start to worry slightly.

The loss of life is indeed a tragedy but those crimes weren’t really piracy related. It’s also unclear if the piracy helped fund the illegal immigration.

I think what they’re trying to do is make a link between the cockle pickers and piracy. I also think they’re trying to make piracy seem like a “real crime”. No one really takes Piracy seriously.

It’s with smug satisfaction that I don’t buy pirate dvd’s. I love films enough to want to support the film industry which is being denied funding for new films.

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