I’ve just been going through my email account and deleting some old emails.

Just came across this one about a dream I had some time ago.

One of my most vivid dreams was I was in an old house in a clearing in a wood. It was the middle of the night and I was alone in the house. The doors and windows of the house were open and I was running round trying to shut them before something, someone out there came in and got me. Whilst I was in an upstairs bedroom I could see a figure in a hooded jacket trying to force one of the doors. Suddenly I found a rifle in my hands and I knew I had to kill the person before they got in. I ran through the house and into the kitchen. There was an arm coming through a small window of the door, I shot at it and then tried throwing things at it. Then the door flew open and the figure started to walk in, I struggled with them and managed to knock their hood down and see their face. Imagine my horror in the dream when the face staring back at me was my own.

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