I often get a raised eyebrow when I say I’m a feminist.

I totally believe in autonomous liberation. I also believe human liberation. Some people think that “feminism is female fascism” (a totally controversial and deliberately aggressive thing to say).

Some people, wrongly, believe that feminism is about a gender bias in favour of women and lesbian separatism.

Feminism is a very broad group of thinkers and activists. Some are radical, some are easy to listen to, some get in your face. I like that there’s many shades of one idea. Plurality is a wonderful thing.

Often the rabble rousers (RR from here) against feminism like to point out an idea touted by a few of the more radical feminists and try and pass it off as representing all feminists. (Marriage isn’t married people, Church isn’t the Christians and one gay man doesn’t represent the gay community- whatever that is) The RR usually say that “all sex between a man and a woman is rape”. I’m not totally sure where they dig this idea up from. And they like to call you a fascist if you want to talk about presumption of innocence in a rape case. Most rape cases don’t get reported. And then the RR usually say that most rape cases are made up. Then they like to call you a fascist. (It’s a very clever illusion if you watch it carefully. It’s like making balls disappear under a set of cups)

They also like to say that “most women living in Western societies reject feminism”. Who asked them? Would most women reject feminism? Looking at most women’s magazines they’re all touting various shades of feminism.

Feminism respects women’s choices. It’s a beautiful thing. And I’m proud to say I’m a feminist.

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