Five or six years later…

I randomly bumped into an ex on public transport yesterday.

Debated within myself about whether to say hello or not. It’s been around five or six years since we split up, he looked well, was carrying his trademark music case.. Finally plucked up the courage to be the brave hearted boy I know myself to be and said “Hello”. He looked at me, recognised me, sighed and then blanked me (after a brief micro expression of total distaste) and then quickly made a hasty exit.

Was surprised and a little disappointed that he couldn’t even muster the courage or decency to say hello and acknowledge my presence.

Was just trying to be friendly…

It was also slightly embarrassing to be left with a figure as several people caught my eye and made “What can you do?” gestures at me. One guy even tutted and smiled empathetically at me.

Things were alright-ish when we split up.

We’d spent new year together at his house with his family and friends… and then new years day I get told it’s just not going to work out.

No temper, no tantrums (they’re just not my style)… just an amicable break up.

(Clearly I don’t have the full story given yesterday’s performance)

Ah well… the world spins on.

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