Alden doesn’t know her art from her elbow.

Deirdre Alden has got herself in a twist again.

She’s questioning if an exhibition by Turner Prize winner Martin Creed should be staged at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham.

She’s said (quote) “I don’t know how people think that is entertainment”

Well, art isn’t always about being entertaining. Sometimes it’s challenging. Sometimes it’s offensive. Sometimes it leaves you cold. Using the word entertainment as a criterion for understanding is a bad place to start… but Deirdre doesn’t leave it there. Oh no, she’s going to push on further, she going to give us a piece of her mind.

“When I go to look at art I want to see something and think that’s really clever, I couldn’t have done that.”

Which is lovely. Given the kind of “art” she’s been involved in is writing Bunty style stories of girls at Boarding Schools and riding horses Mrs Alden shouldn’t be attacking art. And this is a typical response by the Tory Party to the arts. Don’t understand it, cut the funding.

I’ve not seen the exhibition yet. But I’m going to allow the works to speak for themselves rather than allowing Mrs Alden’s judgement to frame mine.

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