I’m responsible for moral decline in the UK.

Yes, that’s right gentle reader, I’m responsible for moral decline in the UK.

My attitude towards the arts “has brought us to the state we’re in today”.

I’ve been denounced in the press.

And I couldn’t be more proud of it.

There was a letter denouncing the content of my blog post about Deirdre Alden not knowing her art from her elbow. She doesn’t but that’s not the point.

A “Mary Storer” elevates me to the dizzy heights as having “labour party colleagues” in Steve Bedser and Nathan Matthew. (I’ve met Steve Bedser about three times but couldn’t pick out Nathan Matthew in a lineup. I hope they’re both notorious homosexuals, that would be sweet.)

The letter noted that I was making sarcastic comments about Mrs Alden’s career as a “writer for stories for young girls”. Is it just me or does that sound perverse? Oh, yeah, it’s writing things like that which brought about the moral decline in the uk.

Then she says about how Mrs Alden brought “enjoyment to thousands of young girls” and it’s hypocritical that the Labour Party accepted a gift from JK Rowling. JK Rowling gave that money because she perceived the labour party as being the best political party to fight child poverty. Where was the hefty gift for the WebCameron? Oh yeah, they probably left it lying around with the moral decency.

She then says that there’s a “quiet decent majority”. I’m clearly a member of the “loud indecent minority”. Does anyone else just want to write the word “gay” in there and be done with it. Shame, Mary Storer, I was starting to like you.

Then she closes with another view about art “art should be about more than giving people the right to shock, insult and offend”. Good speech writing always talks about making your point in threes. This is a well written turn of phrase. Almost makes me wonder if Mary Storer is actually a penname. I’d even go as far to wonder if she’s a character from an Alden story. That would also be sweet.

And here’s the big finale, “It is attitudes such as Mr Whitehouse’s that has brought us to state [sic] we’re in today”. I love that Mary Storer got so angry she dropped a “the” along the way.

And I do understand where her anger comes from:
She lost the Bordesley Green election narrowly beating the BNP but coming third.

Hazel Clawley (Green) 248
Zafar Dad (Lab) 3,427
Graham Jones (BNP) 284
Shaukat Khan (Lib Dem) 3,558
Mary Storer (Con) 415

I’m sure there could be another Mary Storer locally. It’s unlikely, though.

You heard it here first, kids, I’m bringing about morale decline in the UK.

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