Are we human or are we dancer?

I’ve seen a lot of blog posts giving the lovely Brandon Flowers stick for not pronouncing his “s”s on the track Human (from the latest album Day and Age)

He’s not got poor diction or shaky grammar. He’s quoting.

And as someone who loves a good quote now and then it’s delightful that he’s quoting Hunter S. Thompson’s comments about America breeding a generation of dancers. (Thompson wrote Fear and Lothing in Las Vegas)

I like Human. Has a Duran Duran vibe to it.

Was thinking about this question all the way home and I think we have raised a generation of dancer. It’s not necessarily a bad thing though. I think we have a generation that’s keenly aware of what it’s doing. As if someone, big brother say, is watching all the time. People wanting to be famous for being famous rather than famous “for” something.

Children grow up believing the path to success can be found in front of a panel of judges rating their singing/acting/mental health. The desire to dream and work on a dream is failing. Soon we’ll all want our own youtube channel which pumps out nothing but us slowly having a breakdown night after lonely night.

Somewhere we got lost along the way. Someone took a step and we lost that touch with being “human”. We’re all stood on stage dressed in leggings and tutus wondering who has the next line, hoping that it’s not our cue that got missed.

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