Murder of a song & giving/getting feedback.

On a song.

I posted Sufjan Stevens’ “Sister Winter” yesterday.

En route to posting that song I bumped up against this version.

I posted some feedback about her singing:

It may be her favourite song, doesn’t mean that she’s going to be able to do it justice.

You’ll notice that she’s playing it back on a tape recorder or something. It doesn’t do the piano justice and just throws her in at too low a note which in turn throws off the rest of the song.

And she’s reading off a piece of paper. Which forces her head into an odd angle. Either pop it up behind the camera so we get nice clear shot of her eyes. But then she does this strange looking down with her head but looking up with her eyes. Not very seductive.

Bad acoustics- the bathroom isn’t a great place to record a song. And the voice already singing on the recording doesn’t help her.

And what’s with the “lalalalala” at the end?

Either do the whole song or don’t do it at all. Or just do what everyone else does and lip synch your way through.

Clearly… this much undiluted feedback must be hard to take. But her video has had 12 ratings and she’s only got one star so far. And over 692 views. She must be used to people not being positive about it.

She said “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all…or better yet, don’t watch the video! It’s called having fun and not taking myself too seriously… I never said I was a professional singer.”

Well… she deleted my feedback. I can understand why she’d not want anything other than unqualified praise for her efforts. But… don’t put up the video if you can’t take the feedback. Or disable the comments and ratings. You put yourself out there like this then at least let people have the chance to correct you.

I’ve had people offer feedback both good and bad on my blog. I’m open to it. If I were to pull a Deirdre Alden and switch off all comments then this would cease to be a blog. It’d be a series of carefully crafted press releases. Feedback is an essential part of the blogging/youtube/twitter universe.

Oh. And don’t have the embed option on your video on. Otherwise I can do what I’ve just done.

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