Thoughts before turning 30.

Just so people don’t try to claim that I got this wisdom from turning 30 in a few weeks time I wanted to demonstrate I’d already had the thought…

I’m actually quite optimistic about my 30’s. I used to be quite traumatised by it. Turning 20 was weird, turning 25 was also odd. I used to refer to 30 as social death. Within the gay community (whatever that means) there’s a sense that young=best/attractive. I’ve chatted to some younger gay guys and they refer to 30 as old. One said “I don’t know many old people, you know, your age Ben”. Which usually gives me the impulse to go and kill myself.

I can confirm for the younger people amongst my readers, 30 isn’t social death. I know plenty of 30somethings who are very social. And I won’t be confining myself once I turn 30. I imagine I’m going to continue with my book group and my film group.

In my 20’s I did all my dream jobs (teaching & theatre company) and that was fun. Didn’t put money in my bank or food on my table but you can get away with doing that in your 20’s. There’s stuff I did in my 20’s I just can’t get away with any more.

Am now working on finding out what my new dreams are and making those happen. And it’s nice that I don’t think of dreams as being something I have to do during my working hours. Most of the really interesting stuff happens outside of my working hours.

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