WXWM reading list.

On Saturday I gave a talk at wxwm about story telling & how we tell stories online.

(I also talked about cake, death & clouds)

I thought I’d give a reading list of stuff that got me to where I was on Saturday evening. Some of it I talked about, some of it passed through my brain as I talk, some of it is just well worth a read!

First up is Geoff Ryman’s excellent novel 253. You can buy it conventionally or read it for free here: http://www.ryman-novel.com/
253 started life as a hyper linked website then migrated into a more conventional format as a book. 253 people are describe in 253 words. Each page is worthy of a novel in itself and Ryman spins an amazing tale of a short journey from Embankment to

Italo Calvino’s Castle of Crossed Destinies is a wonderful novel that has silent narrators using the images on tarot cards to tell their stories. It shouldn’t work, it almost doesn’t but it beguiles you and winds you in with wonderful ease.

Matt Beaumont’s E is an interesting & funny book told by email. (Conventional format, interesting conceit)

Victor Pelevin’s Helmet of Horror is a reboot of the myth of Theseus & the minotaur. It’s interesting because the whole story plays out in a chat room between the characters.

Karen Armstrong is a favourite read of mine & she’s written a short history of myth and it’s a lovely little read about where these kinds of stories came from.

And because you can never have enough Keith Johnstone- Impro for story tellers is a beauitful book about being boring, spontaneous and making things happen. (This book is a second bible to me, what it taught me in here gets me out of conversational jams all the time!)
Short History of MythEHelmet of Horror

253 coverCastle of Crossed DestiniesImpro for storytellers

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