My Drabble: greenstar

This came by Andylockran via a name I’ve not seen for a number of years but am glad to see again.

A drabble, simply put, is a story, normally science fiction or fantasy that is exactly one hundred (100) words in length. No more, no less.

Here is my offering: greenstar.

We’re good citizens. We heeded the warnings. We read the flyers, the newspaper ads, paid attention to announcements.
We stuffed and we hoarded. We planted, dug & conserved. We recycled, reused and reduced.
We had productive days taping large crosses on windows.
We peered up the chimney and wondered about draughts.
We shifted furniture around and argued about the best layering.
We checked on our neighbours & sought advice from our local coordinator.
We drilled, practised & imagined.
We’d heard of other communities not so lucky. We’d seen them shuffle by the city limits. We’d bought ammunition and a broadsword, just in case.
We died anyway.

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