The “Why I’m running for congress” post

This is a bit of a niche post. It really only applies to people who are playing E-republik (it’s another online game I’m playing, if you want to join up let me know & I can send you an invite).

You can find my profile here.

I’m running for congress to represent the West Midlands.

I’ve made a decision to step up & offer to give a voice to citizens who live outside the London area. I also think it’s important that we take the opportunity to have a variety of voices represented in the congress.

I’ve been quietly playing for a number of months now, just working, training & getting on with raising my stats. I’d like to now widen my experience of the game by humbly offering my time as a congress member.

Please consider voting for me.

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2 Responses to The “Why I’m running for congress” post

  1. listhp says:

    A few policies please. Just come up with stuff that needs changing.

    • benjaminbrum says:

      Being a congress person is about representing the views and needs of the citizens in the West Midlands region to the party & to the government.

      I’m not sure that one congress person is able to effect the level of change I think you’re hoping for. I’d be guided by the party but most importantly by the citizens of the region.

      It’d be very easy to promise huge reforms from day one of being a congressperson but I won’t promise what I can’t deliver. I’ll work within the system to continue the positive reforms that seem to be starting. I’d be sure that the training wars that are declared don’t end up impacting so heavily on the trade of the country.

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