Things that make me cry.

I was thinking about starting a new series of posts regarding things that make me cry.

I know there’s several things out there that do make me cry but I’ve never collected them together. I often wonder what the shape of something will be in the process of collecting them together.

This will mainly end up being TV, film and music I imagine as I tend not to break down looking at art. Am open to that experience but I’ve not had it happen yet.

So here’s number one:

Angels in America.

It’s this section particularly that makes me cry. Around 4 mins 30.
*wipes eyes*

I love how they destroy the reality of the show and talk directly to the audience. And I love the message of hope tinged with sadness. The programme is beautiful and the stage play is wonderful but doesn’t get staged often.

I’ve seen that scene many many times and it never loses it’s impact on me.

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