7 things you may not know about me.

Bruce Lawson chain-lettered Michael Grimes (aka Citizensheep), who in turn chain-lettered Nicky Getgood who chain lettered me into blogging about the 7 things you may not know about me.

1) I get synaesthesia.
It’s a “condition” which means that sometimes I get things a little muddled. Particularly before bed or early in the morning I “see” sounds. Unexpected noises appear to have their own colour and shape. Some people’s voices have their own quality. When my Mum shouts unexpected that has it’s own shape and colour compared to when a door slams or a car alarm goes off.

It’s not a condition that affects the quality of my life and you shouldn’t worry about it. I agree with Editorialgirl who thinks that everyone probably has it but tunes it out.

2) Henry Kissinger once knocked me down some stairs.

I usually use this as my fact or fiction statement and people pick whatever I made up and this usually stops a dinner party dead. I was in the middle of teacher training in London. I used to go to the theatre cheaply because of the excellent Mousetrap theatre projects (they support teachers to take groups of student to the theatre at a reduced price, bless them and Agatha Christie) and I was at a production of Feelgood starring Henry Goodman. (Excellent knockabout political comedy)

I was having a quiet drink before the show in the bar when a funny looking little grey haired old man shoves me out of the way and I take a tumble down some stairs and as I hit the bottom step I start to point and yell. I think some bad words may have left my mouth. A square jawed man steps my way. “Help” I think but no, he’s busy with the old man. I hear him as the old man “Is everything ok Mr Kissinger?” and I notice the old man looks familiar. Henry Freaking Kissinger. I immediately rummage in my pocket, head back up the stairs and phone the only person who I know will truly appreciate what has just happened- My dad. Dad was suitably impressed with my brush (shove?) with the rich and famous. Then it turns out that Kissinger and I have seats right next to each other. People during the interval assume I’m part of the Kissinger party. I corrected them about this quite quickly.

3) I record myself reading stories aloud.
Since getting my new mobile phone I’ve enjoyed reading short stories and poetry aloud to myself. Not for uploading or sharing. But for myself. MR James is great to listen back to as is Chuck Palahniuk.

4) I censor my blog in ways you probably don’t realise.
I used to work with a student called Sabrina. She once took part in co-training a session with me and she said it was like watching someone juggle chainsaws. She said watching me balance on the threshold of something shocking was exciting and scary. She called it my threshold of revelation. (Neatly dovetailing into Angels in America) I don’t do that here. Due to attentions from various sources I don’t post exactly what I want or think. I filter. Dilute. Delete. I’m much better in real life, up close, personal.

5) I often rearrange my books
I have an ongoing obsession with my rearranging my bookshelves. I’m never happy with where things are. Sci-fi books sometimes need to be together. I’ll arrange all the books by the same author together then they’ll need to be moved somewhere else. Sometimes I need a set of books by my bed to help me sleep other times I need them far away. It’s like shuffling a mad deck of cards.

6) I miss my best friend from school more than I’m willing to admit.
I miss Nick Rule so much. There’s not a day goes by I don’t wonder about him. (And not in a weird fancy crush way. I really miss talking to him)

7) I have a phobia of Helium balloons.
I don’t understand it and don’t like to talk about it.

So there’s my 7 things. I want to the following 7 people to do it (and thus reveal some of my bookmarked blogs):

Andrew- http://fairplay.blog.co.uk/
Paul Chambers- http://paulwchambers.wordpress.com/
Davey Wavey – http://www.breaktheillusion.com/ (You never know… he might do it!)
Graphiquillan: http://graphiquillan.wordpress.com/
Nikki Pugh: http://www.npugh.co.uk/
Olulabelle: http://www.ioddia.com/blogging/blog-on.html
Twinkleboi: http://www.twinkleboi.com/blog/

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One Response to 7 things you may not know about me.

  1. Andy Mabbett says:

    If you did talk about your phobia of helium balloons, would it be in a ridiculously-high, squeaky comedy voice?

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