Questions that need answering.

What burdens can you not let go of?
There are things that keep me awake at night.
Big things I can’t do anything about like stuff going on in Iran and Iraq, global warming (which does exist). Stuff so monumentally scary I have to shift my gaze to one side so not to lose myself in contemplating the hugeness of the problem.

And little things. Apologies I should make. Things I wish I could take back. Things I wish I could unsee. Things I wish I’d never said or heard.

Are these burden?

How do children view you?

If you were to ask my nephews and niece I think they’d respond thus:

Grace- (if she could talk she’d tell you) “That man with orange hair has a big face.” (I’m not sure she’s worked out the family connections yet as she’s not even one yet)

Joseph- (He’d probably start to talk to you but run away mid sentence trailing words and bits of train set behind him) “Uncle B once” *starts running here* “used my foot for a phone…”

Malachi- (would appear to go vacant slightly but he’s actually thinking hard, his finger would absent mindedly reach towards his nose to pick but not actually get there)
“*big sigh* Uncle B. Reads. He also. Plays. I love him. Where is he?”.

Thomas- he’d probably resist answering the question set. He’d get a bit giggly and a bit shy. Then he’d probably say “Pirate ships and books”.

Who tells you the truth?
Lots of people are very honest with me. Is that the same as truth?
People I work with are very truthful to me.

One of the guys I work with, Steve, totally floored me with truth this evening. He shared some very personal stories, so I tried to match him for intensity and honesty. It was refreshing, moving and humbling. Authenticity is an interesting thing.

My family are very truthful with me, which keeps me grounded.

I guess I’d prefer the truth to a well meaning lie.

Who can’t stand you?
Ooooh. I don’t know.
There’s a few people.
Praguetory (No space, no capital. But that’s probably low level teeth grinding annoyance rather than not standing me) but I don’t know that he’d want to acknowledge me.
Matthew- London, 8 or 9 years ago, we didn’t see eye to eye but I’m hoping that he’s bigger than that to hold a grudge so long.
Jack- His behaviour demonstrated a certain lack of regard for me.

Beyond that, you’ll have to tell me directly. (Am too self absorbed to notice) ;)

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