Ten Commandments

Why ten?

Moses went up a mountain to get his.
I live on the 15th floor of a tower block.

The whole thing doesn’t really correlate really.

Why can’t I make up my own?
Shush. I’m having a go.

On this chilly Saturday evening, I’m atop my holy hill, my Mount Sinai if you will and I’ll channel the voices of everyone I’ve ever been influenced by. (Should they be thou shall or thou shalt nots? I like the idea of being positive and constructive but will probably tend towards thou shalt nots. We’ll see shalt we?)

1. Thou shall learn the story of your family going back a couple of generations and marvel at how similar stories pop up each generation.
2. Thou shall always remember to say please and thank you. You never know when those people will be in a position of authority and able to help you out.
3. Thou shall learn to tell your own stories in an entertaining way. People love a story well told and will love to hear more about you.
4. Thou shall always hold the idea that you might be wrong. Flexibility of mind and position are what keeps the world turning & will one day bring about world peace.
5. Thou shall listen more than you speak. No matter how funny/entertaining/bright you are people will think you’re even more funny/entertaining/clever if you give them quality listening when they speak to you.
6. Thou shall be willing to look foolish every day and smile about it. It’s fun, gives your face lovely wrinkles & produces good memories. It also means when you have children/nieces/nephews you’ll be ready to perform well for them.
7. Thou shall learn to lobby/complain effectively. You might sometimes be the only person with a voice to speak up on these things.
8. Thou shall not analyse everything to death. Sometimes things are just what they are and nothing more.
9. Thou shall recognize that sometimes the people you struggle with the most are the people who sometimes have the most to teach you about yourself.
10. Thou shall remember that you’re more beautiful than you realise & more precious than you know.

(And commandment 10.b- Thou shall learn to read stories well to children. Passing on a love of literature is a beautiful gift that will save us all, being able to do the voices in a story will light up their imagination)

Do you agree? Feel there should be more?

What would your ten commandments be?

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One Response to Ten Commandments

  1. Andrew K says:

    I think they are a very good set of commandments. I would go further in number 2 and say that saying “please” and “thank you” is common courtesy regardless of whether you are on the way up or down.

    I wish I could do 3 better, I’m impressed at my friends who can effortlessly tell a story.

    7 is really playing on my mind at the moment – when Monday is over I’ll write about it.

    And I think you know about me and 8!

    Hope all is well 🙂

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