I’m going away on retreat from this Friday, given the busyness and stuff going on over the last couple of weeks I can’t wait for a weekend away from the usual rush, bustle and clamour.

Bit of silence, bit of reflection, time spent away from the internet, my mobile phone, the tv, news and the echo chamber of Birmingham- I’m really really excited. And a little bit scared.

I’m a fairly well connected guy, always on my mobile phone, always checking my email and twitter. Not having those voices drown out everything else will seem a bit weird and it means I get to listen to the other people I’m on retreat with, that still small voice & the voice of Julian of Norwich with her message of divine love. I guess I’m a bit scared of not doing a retreat well. I’m a bit worried I’ll come back & still be the slightly self centred person I’ve always been. I’d like to be able to come back and report some kind of revelation, something about me changing or a unique connection with the history, heritage and people at the abbey. I’m also not entirely sure what the weekend will entail, yes I’ve had an agenda of things to do but they’re not overly clear about what the exact content will be. (Can you spot I’m a control freak too?)

If anyone is interested, you can find Julian of Norwich on twitter.

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One Response to Retreat!

  1. Andrew K says:

    I think stopping will be hard enough let alone having any sort of revelation! I think the key is relax, clear your mind and see what occurs.

    Have no expectations.

    And most of all, enjoy!

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