Brum FAILCamp has a proud successful heritage.

Been looking around at the positive energy coming towards the idea of Brum FAILCamp & people saying what a great idea it is.

Seems we’re not the first people to have the idea. There’s a rich seam of gatherings around the world celebrating the notion of failure, learning from fails and destigmatising the word.

There’s Failcamp in Philly which has a lovely structured manifesto of quotes. That page links to the idea of losercamp which has a beautiful idea of reframing the ideas of success/failure (perhaps they were too early, over marketed etc).

There’s also a lovely webpage that shows the development and execution of FailCAMP, Chennai. There’s a great to-do list that I’m going to rip off and use to keep the organisation of Brum FAILCamp on track.

Lots of interesting ideas sloshing about in my head. Make sure you follow the twitter feed: please say hello, tell your friends and suggest what you’d like to see.  

If I’ve missed an event or you think there’s a blog post I should read about failure please feel free to let me know by posting it as a comment. This post is by no means finished, complete or exhaustive. Please show me where I fail.

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