Two ideas for #failcamp.

In the spirit of getting ideas out quickly and trying ideas even if they fail in preparation for FAILCamp here’s two ideas that crawled across my brain today.

Idea 1) I love the blog Cake Wrecks. I also really love this particular post. It’s SFW but it’s a bit suggestive. Made me giggle.

I’m hoping that FAILCamp will be multidisciplinary, that there will be practical tasks brought for the audience to participate in during a panel. Maybe there can be a cake decorating challenge.

Idea 2) I’d like there to be an exhibition of objects and photographs. Ever taken a badly exposed photo, out of focus, chopped someone’s head off? We’d love you to bring that photo with you to be shared. Got any prototypes, doodles discarded, models started but never finished? Bring those too. We’d love to see them.

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3 Responses to Two ideas for #failcamp.

  1. dollydaydream says:

    My highest scoring piece in my seemingly neverending fail at getting a degree (I was at uni for 5 years and never got past my first year) was a project on unfinished knitting. Fail because it was a reflection on my own inability to never see a project through to the end… 😀

    Got me an A. Ironic.

  2. dollydaydream says:

    Oh, and I have a cupbard full of half finished dresses. I likes to fail!

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