Another thought about #failcamp

failcamp2-1I keep having little ideas pop into my head around #failcamp and I’m going to put them here rather than on the official #failcamp blog because I don’t want people thinking that it’s an official pronouncement regarding the event- don’t want my mouth to be a starting gun or people to think I’m promising them stuff and it doesn’t appear. I’d hate for someone to come along because they saw an idea on the fail camp blog and then it doesn’t appear because it was just an idea I was knocking about. So there’s going to be official posts from me on the fail camp blog and there’ll be unofficial stuff here that will form part of the failcamp hot house. Disagree, suggest better things or offer an affirmation. (Make sure you swing by regularly as there’s going to be ideas coming forth on a regular basis)

So here’s my idea from the shower this morning:

FAILCamp could work over two days.

Day one– theory & ideas. Talks from actual failures and successful people who’ve learnt from their failure. There’ll be short inspirational nonsense films and clips of videos from ordinary people alongside the main talks.

Day two– Practical application of failure. This could be where the fail fashion show could happen, arty types could present works that have failed, the object exhibition could happen here too. We could also get out onto the mean streets of Birmingham and try failing publically. Never learnt to juggle? Try learning on New Street on a Sunday morning. If you’re going to learn from failure and celebrate it in all it’s forms then you need to apply it quickly or it just becomes a nice talk you heard once and a story to tell. We need action, dammit!

You could register for both days or just one day. I’m also keen that we follow more of teh rules of barcamp. Like having less spectators and there being an expectation if you come along you present something.

So, whaddya think? Two days good? Rules ok? Practical application of wonderful theory?

Over to you.

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