Thing that makes me cry.

This may seem a bit clichéd and it’s not what this is advertising that made me cry. (Although the BBC does seem to frustrate and delight me in equal measures)

Cast your mind back to the first time you heard this. It’ll be impossible for you to hear it without thinking, oh yeah, I know this. There was a time when you’d never heard this version of this song. And there was a time you were dazzled by the combination of artists, bewildered by the ones you didn’t recognise (just who is that odd intense looking woman with tadpoles in the background?), you can now name her as being Laurie Anderson.

I’m ok until about three minutes through, then the tears start. I think it’s the collaborative notion presented. I know none of the performers were probably around one another but there’s still a sense of collective action, collectively working to a shared goal. And that makes me smile or cry… one of the two.

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