Ten Book Questions.

This isn’t the usual ten rubbishy questions people get asked about books. These are taken from the Observer. Oh Yes. No Richard & Judy Shame for me. Oh no. (Even if my book group do keep on picking their books. At least we won’t have to endure their strangelhold on the book industry any more.)

1) Shakespeare or the Bible.
This is an interesting question. Obviously I enjoy both but for me Shakespeare just pips the Bible. You don’t see people heading off to war over Shakespeare. I do love the Bible, for all it’s contradictions and it being used as an opressive weapon but Shakespeare is a bit easier to live with the consequences of other people’s reading of. (Taming of the Shrew & Merchant of Venice aside)

2) Most romantic moment in fiction.
Wow. Tough one. Probably something from er… well… I’m not big on romance. Oh I know. It’s from the Zombie book I’m reading at the moment. A doctor is slowly falling for one of the military men she’s travelling with. He gets bitten and she kills him. I know it’s not typically romantic but it’s a beautiful moment.

3) Favourite Word?

4) Most overrated writer
Paul Coelho or Khaled Hosseini. Fans of their fiction could do with calming down a little.

5) Most underrated writer
Douglas Coupland.

6) Best Meal in literature
Any picnic had in any of the Famous Five novels.

7) Favourite novel in translation
Don Quixote. A classic in all senses.

8) Favourite children’s book
I really enjoyed “Hello sailor” by Andre Sollie and Ingrid Godon but that was an adult. My favourite book read to me as a child was Willie Rushton reading the birthday party for Eyeore from the Winnie the Pooh books when I was 6.

9) Books by your bedside.
Wicked, Palastinian Walks, Eye of the Storm.

10) Sexiest Book?

Shirts and skins by Tim Miller.

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