Good education websites?

I use tabbloid to keep my department in the loop about daily education stories and thoughts.

Here are the websites I get an RSS feed from to create it.

The BBC education feed.

Flux website.

The Independent newspaper Education Feed

Guardian newspaper education feed

Birmingham Post education feed

Tim’s Blog

Sunday Mercury (Birmingham) Education feed (Yeah, I know it’s unlikely and probably going to be bad if it ever does pop up)

Education State

Which education websites am I missing? Which feeds should I subscribe us to so we keep up to date?

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2 Responses to Good education websites?

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  2. Tim’s Blog is good site and best article.Ones of the few sentences I liked. EXAMPLE–For those not familiar with it (which, alas, is most people), the Internet Governance Forum is a UN Sponsored multi-stakeholder body set up in 1996 after the World Summits on the Information Society, focussed on discussing issues of ‘Internet Governance‘. In practice, that means that every year, over 1000 people from across the world get together for a week, with participants from governments, companies, non-governmental organisations and independent individuals to engage in dialogue on topics ranging from the underlying technologies and policies of the Internet infrastructure, to copyright and intellectual property online, child protection, language issues on the web, increasing Internet access, and ensuring the Internet operates in way that is pro-development and pro-developing world.

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