Let’s start at the very start…

FROM TERRY, originally uploaded by butcher12310.

I grew up in Wiltshire. A wee town called Calne.

It’s on the river Marden.

The town is notable for various bits and bobs.

I like Joseph Priestley isolated Oxygen when conducting experiments in the town. (I normally say “invented” and people look at me like I’ve forgotten how to use language rather than being amusing) I also like that Priestley went on to move to Birmingham, where I live now. He was a dissenting preacher and went on to become good friends with Thomas Jefferson. Priestley is a potent figure in my head.

So, what’s those pigs got to do with anything?

The town was the home to the Harris Pork processing facility that dominated the town architecturally, I vividly remember it brooding at the heart of the town, it was a large red brick building. It provided employment directly and indirectly to many of the residents until the early-1980s – at its closure in 1983 for example it employed over 2,000 people out of a town population of 10,000.

Many residents point to that moment as being when the town died. That statue of the pigs is in the middle of a shopping centre. To the right of the pigs there used to be a newsagents where we’d buy sweets and magazines when we were growing up.

I’ll see what other photos I can find. Think we’ll be heading to Canterbury next.

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