Why I’m running for congress in Canada during a war.

This is a bit of a niche post. It really only applies to people who are playing E-republik (it’s another online game I’m playing, if you want to join up follow this link: http://www.erepublik.com/en/referrer/Benjaminbrum).

You can find my profile here.

I’m running for congress to represent the Green Party in Canada.

I recently moved from the UK to be part of the Canadian war effort. It may have seemed like an odd move during the current war raging. One day the war will stop and we’ll need to rebuild. I’m keeping one eye on the longer term issues facing our communities, I’m seeing the current short term events within a longer context of the history of the world. I’d like to establish myself as a keen player within the Canadian community and particularly within British Columbia. I also think it’s important that we take the opportunity to have a variety of voices represented in the congress.

I’ve been quietly playing for a number of months now, just working, training & getting on with raising my stats. I’d like to now widen my experience of the game by humbly offering my time as a congress member.

Please consider voting for me. Feel free to question in the comments section.

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