Man Booker Prize Challenge- Day 2

A progress report & a challenge to you.

In my bid to read all the books on the man booker prize list I’m currently still waiting for my local library to tell me if they’re going to let me reserve all the books in one go. I’ve had an email back to my email telling me someone is looking into the request and they’ll let me know.

I’ve currently got three books on order but they’re all very popular and already have a number of reservations against them. (Which in itself is encouraging)

I’ve not started on any of the other books, which is bad for this challenge. I’ve not read any pages yet. I’m starting to worry that this may be a recurring theme of the challenge for me.

Some of you will be thinking, if you love reading so much, Ben, Why don’t you buy the books yourself? I can’t afford to buy books in that volume and I adore my local library and want to support it as much as possible.

If you’re feeling charitable and would like to donate a longlisted book drop me an email benjaminbrum [at] and I’ll pass you my postal address. I’ll donate any donated books to me to the Birmingham Library Service so you won’t just be benefiting my own reading enjoyment, but you’ll be adding to the shelves for the local people.

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One Response to Man Booker Prize Challenge- Day 2

  1. pamjw says:

    I try and do this every year – though with the short list! It encourages me to read books I wouldn’t otherwise read. I don’t always manage it before the judging!! The Meth Rec actually asked me to write a review on one last year (now that is a claim to fame!!) The Book People usually do a pack of the shortlist eventually, but is about £30. I look forward to hearing how you get on.

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