Victoria Square Fountain Leak

It’s been widely reported that the Victoria Square Fountain leaks. The council are spending an estimated £70,000 on finding and repairing current leaks.

What really annoys me, almost daily, when I walk to work the fountain is on, bubbling away & leaking water.

Who makes these decisions? How do they make these decisions? How much is it going to cost to repair? I intend to find out.

I’ve made a freedom of information request and I’ll report back what I find out.

–UPDATE 15TH January 2010–

Hello to all the readers from The Stirrer so kindly directed here by D0minic Fisher (Prague Tory). Welcome to my blog. *waves* Check out some of the other posts I’ve written. I don’t just blog about the Victoria Square Fountain. (In fact I think this is one of two posts about the fountain. Seems he’s misrepresenting me for some reason. Not sure why as I’ve never met him. Silly boy.)

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5 Responses to Victoria Square Fountain Leak

  1. Jon Bounds says:

    Maybe they need it on so they can find the leaks 😉

  2. Jon Bounds says:

    I’m guessing tho’ that it’s leaking underground somewhere ? Be interested to find out what they say.

  3. JennyM says:

    Hmm. What will your FOI request achieve other than wasting people’s time in the council which they might otherwise spend working on the repair? It’s a pretty valid question, asking why it’s on when it leaks but that doesn’t strike me as the best way to get it repaired. But what do I know!

    Book group missed you.

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