#brumbloggers. Now with added kids.

I love the monthly Brum Bloggers meet. I like that it happens just after work for me and it’s usually fairly central in the city for me.

But I realise that not all the Brum bloggers will be as footloose and fancy free as me. (Or as pretty, witty or gay as me)

Some of them even. Have. Children.


At the latest Brum Bloggers, where I put in a Hitchcockesque cameo, it was lovely to see Sas and Marty. An even more welcome surprise was the announcement of their arrival by their number one son appearing in front of me asking “Are you nanaman?” (my twitter avatar shows me with a banana smile). The kids were delightful, well behaved, had awesome toys I’ve never seen before and were really REALLY well dressed. Enso had the smalled Converse all stars I’ve ever seen. (But @jonhickman reliably informs me that they can be bought for 3 month old children to which Alex asked “Can they walk at 3 months?”)

There must be a point…

The point is, I think it’d be fun to have some kind of gathering, picnic, fun afternoon thing where a group of us kidless tweeters get to be honorary Aunts and Uncles and make a fuss of the kids whilst the kiddied tweeters get to have a relaxing afternoon networking, chatting and *gasp* maybe having a relaxing glass of wine.

Maybe we could set up a justgiving account for people to donate money to the “feed the kids rubbish” fund. I solmenly swear that I’ll feed the kids as much ice cream, fizzy pop and cherryade as you can donate money for.

*cackles wildly*

I’m a good Uncle B really. My nephews and nieces think I’m brilliant. Well, I’m not sure they think I’m brilliant, I know they think I’m silly/weird. They tell me that on a regular basis.

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6 Responses to #brumbloggers. Now with added kids.

  1. Jon Bounds says:

    We’ve tried to do this a couple of times, a few false starts and one organised that moved to the pub anyway when it peed down with rain.

    go for it.

  2. aunty nikki says:

    The honoraries can eat ice-cream and drink fizzy pop too, right?

  3. Jo Ind says:

    I’d be up for it.

  4. Momentum says:

    The honoraries can eat ice-cream and drink fizzy pop too, right?;. All the best!!

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