Christmas in August.

I’m very excited about one of my favourite Rhubarb Radio shows, the big paws, planning to celebrate Christmas in August.

I’m not a huge fan of Christmas at Christmas (but my ipod seems to think I need to hear these songs every now and then through the year), it seems the only way to even crack the permafrost on my heart is to listen to three or four Christmas albums on loop from the start of November and I’m alright by Christmas eve.

Here’s a list of the albums I listen to:

 A very Rosie Christmas by Rosie Thomas. Such a lovely acoustic-y album. Rosie is a delightful comedian, great singer and friend of various other musicians I like.



The McGarrigle Christmas Hour with performances from Kate and Anna McGarrigle and Kate’s son and daughter Rufus and Martha, Anna’s husband Dane Lanken and their children Lily and Sylvan, and Kate and Anna’s sister Jane, as well as Emmylou Harris, Chaim Tannenbaum, Pierre Marchand, Joel Zifkin, Brad Albetta, Teddy Thompson and Beth Orton. What’s not to adore about this album?

Sufjan Stevens produced an extensive collection of Christmas songs which he published on one mega 5 cd album. It’s got little snippets of songs, songs that feel like jingles, retreads of traditional songs and wonderful songs written by Sufjan Stevens you’d expect.


Low created a Christmas album as a gift to their fans. It’s not the jolliest of affairs but is a satisfying counterpoint to some mindless pap that gets played at Christmas.



I think that’s everything on my essential Christmas listening list. I’ll have a check at home tonight for what I’ve missed, as I’m certain to have missed something.

What’s your essential Christmas listening? What else could help thaw the permafrost around my heart?

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