Generation A by @douglascoupland

I’m so excited, but I need your help.

Douglas Coupland has a new book coming out. Last one came out two years ago & I bought the hardcover signed special edition box set version. Very nice, very sexy.

Generation A sounds like my kind of book. Apocalyptic, satirical with a big healthy dollop of storytelling. (And we all know what a huge fan of storytelling I am. Plus I’m a huge fan of Coupland’s)

So here’s my dilemma. (And if only all my problems were this delicious)

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2 Responses to Generation A by @douglascoupland

  1. ilivewithian says:

    What’s the book actually about? Bees, Canada and 5 random people? I’ve not heard of Coupland (I’m not the worlds biggest reader), so the blurb on his web page didn’t excite me. What else do we know about the book?

    • Ben W says:

      Five random people get stung in a world without bees.

      As you’ve not heard of Coupland before the best place to start with his work is Generation X, a tale of three friends who’ve dropped out of society as they felt it was sapping their will to live and they spend their time telling stories to one another to pass the time. He writes beautifully about the power of our narrative telling abilities to save ourselves.
      It’s good stuff!

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