The great Birmingham/Greenbelt takeover.

Birmingham Bull, originally uploaded by Nik Sibley.

You may or may not have noticed my involvement with Greenbelt festival over the last few months. I’m their literature coordinator, and it’s a joy and a pleasure to be involved with a group of highly switched on and creative people.

As part of the literature programme I seem to have accidently coordinated a lot of content from, inspired by or about Birmingham. It wasn’t done on purpose, there’s not a plot to take over the festival with Brummies, there’s no conspiracy. (For there to be a conspiracy there’d have to be someone who knew what they’re doing at the top, I’m not and I don’t)

There’s three talks from the wonderful Jon Bounds one about Birmingham not being shit (it’s not), the power of memes (called “I’m from the internets” and should be a belter!) and, finally, one about the 11 bus project.

The lovely Luke Kennard writes angry, offensive, judgemental poetry and his faith as a Christian has nothing to do with being a poet. I can’t wait to meet him (and I’m going to be interviewing him which is a real treat!) He’s the youngest person to be nominated for the Forward poetry prize and lectures on creative writing at Birmingham University. (The city of Birmingham’s motto is “forward!”, d’you see what I did there…)

Rob Chidley studied at Birmingham university before doing a bit of a trek around the country to find somewhere to live. He’s the author of The Third Tribe and I’ll be interviewing him too. He’s an interesting soul, we’ve had some interesting conversations and I can’t wait to see what we get to talk about.

There’s other Brummies across the programme, volunteering, working and involved with the festival. We’ll strike when you least expect it and we’ll all end up talking like Brummies.

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