Festival thoughts halfway @greenbelt

This post is being written in a stolen moment, relative quiet in the hub, literature & visual arts venue for the festival.
My festival is the same festival as yours but I see it a little differently. I get pairs of very attentive eyes looking at me as I introduce wonderful authors & speakers. I feel the weight of responsibility of helping coordinate things I hope you’ll find interesting.
You, the festival goers, have always been essential to the success of the festival programme. This year you’ve not disappointed. You’ve questioned closely, been hugely generous with your time & been wonderful.
I’m currently being delighted by Flossie Paper Doll, performed by Animat’s The Only Michael & novelist/poet Linda Lee Welch. A fusion performace of poems, snippets of songs & ambient music. Dazzling linguistic leaps & beautiful music.
I was delighted at the response to Jon Bounds talks, particularly the moment when asking the audience how many had ridden the number 11 bus in Birmingham at least 75% of them had.
Rob Chidley blasted much received understanding about what it means to be a writer with quiet authority, he passionately unpacked his experience of being a new writer & getting from blank page to published novel.
The queues of questioners, the comments overheard as you leave a venue & the passion with which you assure me you’ve loved being in conversation with the creative people we’ve booked make it all worthwhile. I may not get to thank you personally for being curious & supporting literature at the festival but you’ve overwhelmed me in every session.

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4 Responses to Festival thoughts halfway @greenbelt

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  2. Kfyra says:

    “Dazzling linguistic leaps” — a wonderful image.

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