Getting rid of my books- a thought.

My bookshelf, originally uploaded by benjibrum.

I desperately need to thin down my collection of books.

I can’t look for a new place to live & forever wonder “Will there be enough room for my books?”.

I’m also a bit loathed to just dump a few hundred books onto a charity shop, so here’s the idea:

How about I open up my flat to you, my lovely friends, and you can come & take a book or two you like & you make a fitting cash donation to a charity of my choosing. That way I know my babies are going to a loving home & I know people will be curious about what’s on my bookshelf.

Maybe have some nibbles, wine, that sort of thing. Cake can be served on the balcony.

Of course, my signed books and first editions won’t be up for grabs. They’ll be hidden away somewhere very very safe so no one gets confused & helps themselves to those.

Would you come to an event like this?

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4 Responses to Getting rid of my books- a thought.

  1. nikki says:

    I’ll gladly come for the cake and balcony, but I’ll need someone to forcibly restrain me from leaving with armfuls of books that I then need to find space for in my own flat!

  2. crispeater78 says:

    That’s the sort of event I’d definitely come to – espeically with the added incentive of cake;-) Not sure I’d be able to stop at a book or two, though…


  3. Deb Curnock says:

    yes yes yes! Only, I’ll be tempted to bring swaps. I guess that would defeat the object..

  4. Simon Menashy says:

    This is a wonderful idea 🙂

    Would definitely come along if it weren’t so logistically troublesome.

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