Stuff I’ve written elsewhere.

Just so you don’t think I’ve been resting on my laurels and skipped off having fun, I’m still writing blog posts, I’ve just taken up residence in other places.

The Greenbelt Blog generously allow me to write stuff that connects up the creative and spiritual dots in my life.

I recently wrote about a slow crafts exhibition in Birmingham that connects neatly with the theme from the festival this year. I’m going to pop along & take some photos & blog about it.

I’ve also done a number of posts for Birmingham It’s Not Shit. Which is an awesome honour to do as it’s a great website.

I started by asking people to “give me hell” and told the story of how I got to Birmingham. (Ish)

The gave my suggestions for the Birmingham Book Festival.

I also suggested people make their views heard about the new plans for the Birmingham Gateway.

I accidently started a campaign to get the inventor of Cluedo recognised by the local civic society.

Finally I gave some highlights of the forthcoming “get ready to shout” festival.

No resty laurels for me.

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