What is #fallenbrum?

I didn’t start #fallenbrum. That was @nicktheowl. (He’s a bit of a genius really and one of the nicest people I know.) But he didn’t really start it… I’m getting ahead of myself.

I just seem to really enjoy the mosiac like nature of writing about Birmingham in a grimy, gothic, scary way. I seem to REALLY really enjoy it.

Here’s the progeny of the whole thing… There’s an online game being played in beta called Echo Bazaar. London got stolen in the mid 1800’s by a colony of bats and was dropped into a suburb of hell. (As one does) You play a new inhabitant of Fallen London and explore the streets and actions. It’s beautifully written. So it seems that Nick ripped off the style but applied it to Birmingham. I liked that. Popped in my first idea and as all good things happen on the internet, people added more ideas and there’s a twitter account.

Now there’s talk of having a #fallenbrum salon evening cabaret thing. Poetry, short story readings and #fallenbrum cake. There’s always cake in #fallenbrum.

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