When an idea just won’t die…

I’m having one of those moments where I’m coming face to face with an idea that I thought was dead but it’s not it’s alive.

I don’t feel like Dr Frankenstein but more like someone in a really cheesy soap opera who has opened their front door one fine spring morning and finds themselves face to face with someone who got killed off three series ago. Or a particularly evil twin.

(Or Jack Bauer only with less torture)

BrumFailCamp is back on. And it’s on in April.

Help pick a date by adding info here: http://tinyurl.com/yjbtmvw

In my head the event is either a Friday evening (just talks, drinks and maybe nibbles) or it’s a two-part Saturday: either morning and afternoon or afternoon and evening. Combining a “practical something” (Walking tour, art class, visit to a particularly potent place, training session in juggling, circus skills or something like that) and then the talks, drinks and nibbles section.

Once I’m closer to firming up a date I’ll open up a call for ideas for talks etc. I’m looking for talks of no more than fifteen minutes.

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