My Hero Of The Industrial Revolution.

I studied the industrial revolution at secondary school, John Bentley in Calne, and it gently inspired me. Not enough to turn me into an industrialist or an engineer or a business man but enough to resonate in my soul and seemingly in choices of where I end up living.

One of my heros of the industrial revolution is Abraham Darby III. (The one who built the bridge but all the Abrahams Darby are worth looking at) He built the Iron Bridge at Ironbridge. It was the world’s first cast-iron bridge.

I love the industrialists who tried to break the cycle of poverty they saw within their workforces. Invariably they were quakers, informed by their dissenting religious practice finding a practical way of expressing their faith in their communities.

I’m probably better at waxing lyrical about the beauty and ingenuity of the bridge and it’s creator by actually standing on it and waving my arms about saying words. Maybe I could video myself doing that…

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