One of the nicest evenings…

I was ill last week. Horrible hacking productive cough coupled with temperature, headache and achey shoulder.

I wasn’t a happy B-Bunny at all.

I was home alone on Saturday night while Mike went out for drinks to celebrate his friend from Mav’s birthday.

I had sketched out an idea in my head to spend some time blogging, maybe play some Bomberman on the XBox, eat something epic and crash out watching a film or catch up on reading something. (I’ve got a mammoth DVD collection and my book addiction is well documented)

My body clearly had other plans. I played a bit of bomberman but couldn’t find a way of sitting on the sofa comfortably long enough to really enjoy it. Stopped that. Popped the laptop on the dining table and powered up to do some superb blogging. (Particularly a short story idea that’s been nagging me to write it for a few weeks now- it’s saved as a draft as I tinker under the bonnet of it) Played a bit of Echo Bazaar, popped some music on, popped the Olympics on the telly and went and made myself a sandwich with some fresh bought bread. Downloaded a few tunes from itunes store.

It was a lovely evening, eye flitting between butt-clenchingly inspiring feats on the snow, ice and stuff I was mooching away on the laptop.

I like tearing up the town and being sociable as the next person but it was really nice to have a low impact evening with myself singing along to the Glee Cast, Lady Gaga, Sufjan Stevens and Andrew Bird.

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