Tweet the Candidates- Telford

Another idea brought forth from the brain of Benji.

Once the date for the general election has been announced I’m going to organise a tweetup for the lovely Twitter Community lot in Telford to meet them.

There are target areas in Telford who are getting bombarded with leaflets from politicians and wannabe politicians of all colours of the political rainbow. (Where I live in Lightmoor hasn’t seen any leaflets from any of the parties. It’s weird and I’m not sure I like it)

I’d like a chance for the tweeters to meet the candidates and the candidates to meet the tweeters.

I’m not sure yet of a format. There’ll have to be a structure, some kind of guiding format to the evening and a fair way of picking an order for speaking (if that’s the way we decide to go).

I also need to be sure of inviting the right candidates. There’s also a decision about inviting everyone on the ballot or just the main parties. And what counts as a main party or not.

So, there it is. My idea. Not fully fleshed out, still open for shifting and shaping. Please feel free to add you ideas in the comments section.

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3 Responses to Tweet the Candidates- Telford

  1. BigDaddyMerk says:

    I’d be happy to host/chair a Q&A session, also can probably provide PA and mics at low cost.

  2. BigDaddyMerk says:

    hmmm, lots of places could hold it – depends on numbers I suppose.

    Various Lesiure centres (wellington civic centre), Theatre (prob too big), Theatre bar, New College or Wrekin College. Meeting point house at the Town Centre, Somewhere in the International Centre or many of the surrounding hotels. Loads of places.

    I recon no more than a month before the election.

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