Sketching out an idea…

Last night I announced on twitter that I had “an idea” for a Shropshire Tweetup and I then claimed that sleeping would help me solidify that idea into something less dream-like. It seems that I wasn’t entirely correct about ideas solidifying with sleep.

I think my thinking owes a significant debt to a couple of books I’ve read recently.

I reread Divided Kingdom by Rupert Thomson. There’s a scene in the book where large paper lanterns of the symbols of the divided kingdom are carried through the streets of a small town and burnt. (I like the lantern image and the procession)

I’ve also been reading Dradin, In Love by Jeff VanderMeer. The festival of the freshwater squid is something that I found beautiful and frightening. (I’m hoping my idea for my event would be much less violent and messy. I like the idea of kids dressed up as boats chasing after a large paper squid)

I guess what I’m trying to pin down is something along the lines of the lit up Bridgewater carnival parade but with people, maybe a bonfire, fireworks…

In my head the two top people from Shropshire are Thomas Telford, he of the canal, bridge and road building fame, and Charles Darwin, he of the theory of evolution fame. There are lots of others.

Both would lend themselves to being made abstract and having lantern, effigies and fireworks. I’m a year too late for squiddy, cell like lanterns and lights to celebrate Darwin. I like the idea of lanterns and boats and I know Shropshire has various boat festivals.

Maybe I’m suggesting we attach ourselves to another group which is already executing something and we can bob along with lanterns, fireworks and food to nibble at dusk.

Maybe I’m suggesting we throw a party of some description to celebrate Telford and his canal building ways. (9th of August? 2nd of September?)

I just need to get the idea out of my head and keep explaining it till it forms into a proper idea. This post represents (poor) explanation number one. There’ll be more to come.

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One Response to Sketching out an idea…

  1. si says:

    wonder if there’s a link up with some of the comic stuff we have planned for GB this year? might be worth a chat at some point?

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