Day one of the book buying ban.

The end of September seems a long long way away.

By that point I’ll have celebrated playing Urban Dead for 3 years and Greenbelt 2010 will have come and gone. So to the person in my head that’s never going to happen.

Day one of giving something up is always easy. You just have to not do something for 24 hours. Easy. I can not buy a book for 24 hours. I did have the added book buying fakery this morning of being able to pop into the central library and pick up a couple of books- Francis Spufford’s Boys in the backroom and The Antartic: an anthology. (He’s going to be at Greenbelt 2010, d’you see what I did there?! Bit of sneaky advertising. But I also need to read these books if I’m going to talk to him in the summer. Just saying “I’ve read The Child that Books Built” won’t cut it.) I can’t just pop into the library whenever I feel the urge to buy a book.

How do addicts do this with more normal addictions? Do I have to avoid books all together? Avoid places books are? Stop taking money out with me so I’m not tempted to just buy one? I’ve not really thought this being an addict thing through clearly enough.

I’ve got a feeling day 14 and 33 will be difficult.

I’ve also a dilemma. I usually buy books at Easter for my nephews and nieces (yeah, I know I know, they probably prefer chocolate but in the long run they’ll thank their book addicted Uncle for starting them young on a lifelong addiction to books. God, that sounds so sick. Why don’t I just start them on crack or something? *rolls eyes*) and I was wondering if I can get away with buying book tokens. They’re not for me. They’re for the kids. Does that come under the ban?

So, one day done 183 to go. *shivers* That does sound like a long time. I’ll soon be asking/begging you to lend me books.

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4 Responses to Day one of the book buying ban.

  1. marmiteguy says:

    How about blogging the titles of books you are not allowed to buy , and peeps can get the book , read it , and hand it on to you ?

    • Ben W says:

      I’m interested to see what tempts me to break the ban. Not sure blogging tge titles as a way of getting people to give me books is a good idea. We’ll see how this goes.

  2. Simon Menashy says:

    I can definitely sympathise, and wish you all the best with your endeavour!

    The piles of to-be-read books in my life – physical (bedside table), mental (books I keep meaning to acquire and read) and virtual (Amazon wishlist) – are getting to the point where I’m disappointed that I can never catch up. A good holiday would help, I think.

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