One hundred stories, One hundred days.

I’ve been thinking about various literature based projects that can extend the Greenbelt experience throughout the year.

We’re moving into book reviews, poems and short stories for the Wing and Prayer, the booklet that goes to volunteers and angels.

I subscribe to various Daily Lit email books and enjoy my little chunk of a book each day. I get my chunks of fiction when I choose for them to be delivered. I love that I can ask for more each day if I’m doing well or I can suspend emails if I hit a busy patch.

The Lovely Pip Wilson, Greenbelt trustee and beautiful human being, noticed that I’d subscribed to the 30 stories in 30 days daily lit email. The stories I’m reading at the moment are weird, funny and horrific. Pip suggested that I think about something similar for the Greenbelt 365 project.

I had my usual first dismissive thought of “that’s not possible” but then got my better more receptive part of my brain working on the idea. It is possible.

I wanted to do something that is joinable at any point through the year and can be enjoyed by anyone at all. There’s nothing worse than thinking “Crap, they’ve already started and I’ve missed out”

It also needs to be accessible to everyone. If you’re part of the Greenbelt community then you get the added bonus of knowing some of the names or having seen them at the festival, if you’re not then you’re not penalised.

I guess I’m leaning towards collecting one hundred stories (fictional or real- with the real storied they’re going to have to be first hand accounts of something rather than second hand) around a theme. Change the world? Change your life? Inspirational and moving stories to challenge and encourage you to make change. Every day for one hundred days.

Why one hundred days? Thirty days is too short. You’re just getting into the swing of things and then it’s time to stop. 365 days seems like a huge investment. 100 days is enough for it to be an investment, it’s going to cost you some time to go through it and 100 days is long enough for change to embed itself in your mind.

Now all I need is 100 inspiring stories and a way to deliver them. Any ideas?

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