Day 14 of the Book Buying Ban.

I noticing that I’m not being as tempted by actual physical books out in the world now.

I did notice that in Urban Coffee Co on Monday that their bookcrossing “pile” (it’s too messy to be a shelf and the books are scattered on the floor) did tempt me slightly. Noticed that the name Josephine Tey leapt at me. I sort-of skim read a book by her at secondary school when I was preparing to play Richard III in Sixth Form. (Spent far too much time pretending to be Anthony Sher and wrote down all my dreams and random documentaries I’d watched on telly.) I resisted picking up a book.

I’m also being far too easily led by the Greenbelt Blog. Just on the basis of the blog post I want to buy lots of Stanley Hauerwas books and have a read.

Temptation is a terrible thing.

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5 Responses to Day 14 of the Book Buying Ban.

  1. LL says:

    Keep it up. Are you reading as much I wonder? Or is it simply the aquisition of new stock that you are denying yourself?

    Interesting Greenbelt list for 2010 by the way. Perhaps you could do a talk with Generous about the spirit of giving up buyin; why you are doing it; what you’ve gained etc.

    Just an idea.

    • Ben W says:

      I’m reading just as much as I usd to. I’m reading books on my shelf that I’ve always intended to read. I’m juggling Dennis Lehane’s “Shutter Island” & Margaret Atwood’s “Handmaid’s Tale”.

      It’s the acquisition of new stock that’s been curtailed although I am noticing that I’m buying a couple of new albums more than I normally would. Replacing one addiction with another?

      I’m honoured that Generous have flagged my weird little quest up to the community. Since first coming to Greenbelt I’ve always desired to do a talk of some sort. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

      • ah, now i can see a pic of you (that came with your reply) I can see that you were organising last year’s GB literary ‘stuff’, weren’t you? And you interviewed Luke Kennard? He’s a friend of ours… I had him in my youth group when he was a teenager (which makes me sound old, but i’m actually a mere 35!)

      • Ben W says:

        I was indeed literature coordinator last year and am proud to be continuing this year.

        Luke Kennard was a fun interview. He said afterwards that Greenbelt had been the “most fun reading I’ve ever given”. I must confess I found it to be just as joyful and entertaining- I just hope that translated to audience enjoyment, there were lots of good questions from the audience so I think so.

  2. Your quest has just been flagged up on the ‘generous’ email list (a very much greenbelt-related website/online community, etc).

    I was about to boast that I have an ongoing ‘no buying books’ policy… but then remembered that I bought 2 books just yesterday, from the ‘book box’ in the staff room (cheap!).

    In general though, rather than buying new books, I get them out the library (in my local library it cost’s just 80p to order a book, and they can usually get you just about any book, as long as it’s in print. You can renew your book several times over, online, and thus keep it for ages!).
    Or, I get them 2nd hand off Amazon/ebay
    Or, I borrow them off friends (who have the same taste in books as me… quite rare).

    I am a total bibliophile, so it’s hard for me not to spend money on books, fiction and non-fiction… but if poss, I hold back.

    I don’t include presents in this ‘ban’ though… I indulge my passion (feed my habit) by buying books for friends/rellies/god-daughter, etc. It eases the pain.

    Anyway, good luck with your mission and v much looking forward to the literary line-up at GB this year…!

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