A year of Bus Trips.

businterior, originally uploaded by curmudgeonly si.

I’m a big fan of art projects that involve the ordinary and the every day and translate that into something more than that.

I adore the Birmingham 11 bus project. http://elevenbus.co.uk/ I took part last year and saw a whole new chunks of Birmingham from the upper floor of a bus. I made funny comments, observed the top of bus stops and ate lots of sweets. It was a journey away from where we started only to end up exactly where we started. The question “Are we nearly there yet?” never arose in my mind as I was enjoying the journey too much.

I love that my mate Simon (who dutifully reads this blog and pokes me with ideas of things to write about) is capturing a year of bus trips in art whilst learning a new skill. (Lino cutting, I thought that was what you did when you needed to lay lino in your kitchen but it appears it’s also an Art Skill)

You can view his most recent art works from the 13 bus in Leeds here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23793542@N08/ (He’s also got sketches and photos of places he’s visited, his family and stuff. Always nice to have a nose into someones life.)

He’s selling his bus prints, so if you like them, contact him. (I’m quite tempted to get the April 13th print but don’t have anywhere at home to put it)

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