Day 40 of the book buying ban.

40 days. I like the roundness of that number. Jesus spent 40 days without food and water in the wilderness (I’m not comparing myself to Jesus, just noting the number). Noah was 40 days in the ark. The number 40 appears alot in the Bible. Ali Baba dealt with 40 thieves. 40 is the atomic number of zirconium. Ronald Regan was the 40th president of the USA. The 40th British Prime Minister was Benjamin Disraeli. To understand a people, according to an Arabic proverb, you have to live with them for 40 days. Life begins at 40. 40 winks is a short sleep.

40 days of not buying new books. I’ve read a couple of books from my shelf that I really should have read before. Margaret Atwood’s “Handmaid’s Tale” and Dennis Lehane’s “Shutter Island”. Loved both of them for very different reasons.

Am starting in on “The Sign of the Cross” by Chris Kuzneski. I feel like I need another book to switch between so I’ll raid the shelves when I get home. Nothing worse than feeling trapped with just one book on the go. Not sure what to contrast with, something sci-fi? (Might go and reread the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov). I’m not sure anything fits neatly with a book about a killer nailing people to crosses.

I have noticed that I’m downloading more albums from itunes than I normally would. (Replacing one addiction with another? Shopaholic?)

 October the First still feels a long way away.

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